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Who is worthy of being called a disciple?

A disciple is one who practises Spirituality as advised by the Guru, with the motive of making spiritual progress. The Kularnav Tantra defines a disciple as,

शरीरमर्थप्राणांश्च सद्‌गुरुभ्‍यो निवेद्य य: ।
गुरुभ्‍यशिक्षते योगं शिष्‍य इत्‍यभिधीयते ।।

Meaning: The one who surrenders his everything, that is, his body, wealth and life unto the Guru and learns Yoga from Him (that is, practises Spirituality as recommended by Him) is called a disciple (shishya). [Hence, even if a disciple deserts his wife and children and goes to his Guru he does not become a sinner.]

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