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How should one receive the Guru at one's home?

When the Guru comes home one should decorate the house with flowers, lit lamps and by elegantly drawing designs on the floor with special white powder and colours (rangolī). One should remember Saint Tukārām Mahārāj’s quote, “The day Saints come home is in itself the day of Diwāli or Dasarā”. This also facilitates the development of spiritual emotion towards the Guru. Just before His expected arrival one should keep half a cup (vāti) of milk, a tumbler of lukewarm water to wash His feet and a towel to wipe them, at the entrance. Similarly, a platter containing sandalwood paste (gandha), turmeric (haldī), vermilion (kumkum), consecrated rice (akshatā), flowers, a lamp (nirānjan) with clarified butter and an offering of some sweets or sugar should be kept ready for performing His Āratī (the ritual of waving lit lamps). Click here to read more.

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