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What is the motive behind enduring pain in Hathayoga?

Haṭha (हठ) means obstinacy or forcefulness. Haṭhayoga [हठ योग (Path of Deliberate Rigour)] means gradually increasing the ability of the physical body to endure stress by forcefully inflicting different kinds of stresses on it. Consequently it amounts to increasing the tolerance of the mind. Sage Markandey is considered to be the founder of this Yoga. Till the state of union with Brahman (Brahmasthiti) is achieved, every type of spiritual practice is in a way a form of Haṭhayoga. ‘Āsan, bandh, mudrā’, ‘trāṭak’, and ‘prāṇāyām’, all come under the purview of Haṭhayoga. Click here to read more.

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