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How Raja Rammohan Roy destroyed Hindu system of education?

Anti-Hindu Raja Rammohan Roy switched to English education system by discontinuing Hindu system of education !

Raja Rammohan Roy

Raja Rammohan Roy received billions of rupees from the British for causing damage to Hindu Dharma and for its distortion. His father was a scholar who had knowledge of ‘Veda-shastra’ and had mastery over Sanskrut language. His mother was a devotee of Srikrushna and a virtuous woman. She never used to have food before 4.00 p.m. every day. They had three children. Rammohan was the eldest. He learnt Sanskrut and ‘Dharma-shastra’ from his father. He went to Kashi for further studies where he became a Pundit. He was very brilliant in studies and learnt even English and Persian along with Sanskrut. Due to his intelligence, he developed access to British Governor. The British Government had sanctioned a huge amount for ‘Veda-Pathashalas’ and for learning Sanskrut; under which Hindus’ ‘Shada-darshan’, ‘Veda-vidya’ and Sanskrut literature was to be taught.

Rammohan wrote the following letter to the Governor – "Close down all these ‘Veda-Pathashalas’, Sanskrut etc. and use the money to teach your western science to Hindus. Bring professors from Europe who will teach science and mathematics etc. Stop the pointless teaching of Sanskrut, Vedanta and Judiciary." This made the British Government very happy as Rammohan had adopted the same policy as that of the British, of taking Hindus away from their Dharma. The British started imparting education as per English system instead of Sanskrut, with the help of Rammohan. Decline of Hindu started from that unfortunate day. (to be contd.)

- Gurudev Dr. Kateswamiji (What were the causes of deterioration of Hindustan ? – pg. 7&8)

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