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Guru Principle

What are the stages of a disciple's spiritual progress?

Why does a genuine disciple follow his Guru's directives without any doubt?

What should one do to acquire a Guru and His grace?

Who is worthy of being called a disciple?

What does the term 'Guru' Mean?

Explains the Origin, Definition and History of the word Guru

What is the importance of serving sagun form of the Guru?

What is the correct way of offering obeisance to the Guru?

How should one receive the Guru at one's home?

What should one ask the Guru for?

What is the importance of a Guru?

The need for a Guru

The Need and the importance of a Guru for spiritual practice

What is true nature of the Guru?

What are the qualities of a Guru?

How does the Guru's grace (Gurukrupa) function?

What is the difference between a Guru, Sadguru and a Paratpar Guru?

How to recognise a fake or an unauthorised Guru?

How to win Gurus Grace?

What is a Gurumantra?

What are the different types of Gurus as per our Scriptures?

The most superior Guru-disciple tradition!

The most superior Guru-Disciple tradition

Only by Guru's grace can the disciple attain final liberation!

Only by the grace of Guru the Disciple can attain final liberation, moksha

How is a 'Guru' superior to a teacher, a preacher or a Saint?

Guru-disciple tradition should become more active for the protection of Dharma

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