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Our Dharmik activities to awaken and unite Hindus worldwide in April 2014

Forum for Hindu Awakening’s volunteer dhak have been working selflessly to promote Dharma education, and awaken and unite supporters of Hinduism since its found in January (Paush2009. Here is a glance at these inspiring Hindu activities and the positive response we have received in March (Phālgun) 2014. We hope they will inspire our readers to work together to understand, live and preserve Hinduism ! Join us in serving Dharma.


  • Denigrations published : 7 denigrations were published under news section in the last two months.

    • Inappropriate comparison of Lord Shiva and Facebook by Rosa Brooks

    • California based clothing company removes denigrating product from their website, after protests from Hindus !

    • Protest : New advertisement of CEAT tyres mock Hindu Dharma

    • Chappals with symbol of ‘OM’ sold in Pakistan market

    • Hindu bindis all the rage at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

    • Protest : Big Bazaar advertisement insulting Hindu Dharma

    • Devout Hindus from HJS ‘Dharma-shikshan’ class prevent likely denigration of Deities ‏

  • FHA Facebook : FHA Facebook: In the month of April 2014, number of new fans who joined Facebook was more than 30,000 (50% increase from last month); 24,188 people were speaking about FHA Facebook (which is more than 30% than last month). The post on FHA Facebook of "Benefits of Surya Namaskar" from website of Balsanskar.com was seen by more than 100,000 people. The number of people who saw various posts on Facebook crossed 450,000 this month.


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April 2014 Page Rank 3 258,168 2958 54,972

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Comments from readers

A. FHA Website

  • ‘I am particularly delighted at this interactive and participatory website stressing on the Spiritual point of view as well, apart from the ritual and meaning associated with it. Many people misuse this importance of the day for acquiring more & ample; more Gold ornaments tempted by certain advertisements in commercial practices. (Welcome Lakshmi as GOLD). The real aspects like Dana or Charity and sincerity of purpose of self actualization are completely lost sight of the celebration. I wish this would enlighten our people as to its real significance. Thank you so much.’  – MR

  • ‘I am a very staunch believer in the Hindu dharma and many of its practices. For this reason I wish to observe all the Hindu festivals without the pomp and fanfare the modern day has attributed to it but with sincere prayers and blessings of our elders and the gods. This is the first site that has an interactive platform which has allowed me to voice my feelings about such a website. I am truly grateful to the knowledge published in this website and look forward to looking up to it for guidance in my correct practice of the sacred Hindu dharma. Thank you very much team for hosting this great knowledge base.’ – Indra

B. FHA Facebook

  • “Okay, I know who he is now. I apologize the other day I asked if he was like the hunter Sagittarius I thought he was a mythical person; now I understand his significance.  I apologize for my ignorance. I am trying to learn about Hinduism and it isn't easy from America.” - Mr. Lee (America, Comment for the post of About Lord Parshuram)

  • “ I saw your page and learnt about your benevolent efforts for great cause of Hindu unity. Hope your dipak (lamp) shall prove to be a great light house. Best wishes on Ramnavami.“ - Mr. RT, Kanpur

C. FHA Google+

  • ‘ EXCELLENT write up. My due respect. My heart filled regards and bow to your humbleness. So nice this article is and your attitude is appreciated very much. I agree what you have suggested. Chanting of OM NAMO BHAGVATE VASUDEVAY, a powerful Mantra for self upliftment. Your guidance is solicited. Regards.’ - Mr. MV



  • Display of Dharmashikshan posters and bookstall on occasion of Ramnavami: On April 8, 2014, on the occasion of Ramnavami, a FHA bookstall was put up at Shivshakti temple in Mauritius. Dharmashikshan posters were put up and they were well appreciated by the visitors to the temple. The Panditji who was presiding the prayers being said in the temple spoke about the learnings from the various posters which can be put into practice daily and also asked devotees to chant so as to make life sattvik. Around 50 people visited the stall and some Holy text and sattvik items were sold. The Temple committee has asked the FHA seekers to put the Dharmashikshan posters regularly in the temple.

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