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Our Dharmik activities to awaken and unite Hindus worldwide in August 2013 (Shravan 5115)

Forum for Hindu Awakening’s volunteer dhak have been working selflessly to promote Dharma education, and awaken and unite supporters of Hinduism since its found in January (Paush2009. Here is a glance at these inspiring Hindu activities and the positive response we have received in August 2013 (Ashadha - Shrawan 5115, as per the Hindu calendar). We hope they will inspire our readers to work together to understand, live and preserve Hinduism ! Join us in serving Dharma

1. Visitors to the Forum for Hindu Awakening website (www.HinduAwakening.org)

YouTube HinduAwakening.org Login members Facebook Fans Twitter Followers Google+
2262 39,103 22 13,820 6,966 83

1A. Website Ranks



(Mar 2013)


(April 2013)


(May 2013)


(Jun 2013)


(Jul 2013)


(Aug 2013)

Google rank Page Rank 3 Page Rank 3 Page Rank 3 Page Rank 3 Page Rank 3 Page Rank 3
Alexa rank 470,072 408,644 372,485 347,497 374,619 336,251

2. Number of articles

2A. Total articles: 644

2B. News items published: 139

2C. Denigrations published: Total 2 denigration news were published on website under news section.

  • Offending garment on Shiva withdrawn due to complaints

  • Protests in UK over persecution of Pakistani Hindus

3. Online prasar

3A. FHA Facebook

3A 1. Breakup of total posts made on FHA Facebook profile in July - 2013

Sr No Post Post seen by people Likes Shares
1 Shocking : Jhansi Rani Lakshmibai found ‘Smoking Hookah’ 15,288 59 162
2 Importance of Ghee made from Cow's milk 11,416 51 174
3 Importance of offering Tulsi to Shreekrushna ! 10,536 81 120
4 Correct method & science of doing Namaskar to God 9,420 59 73
5 The festival of Raksha Bandhan - Hinduism-101 Satsang Highlights 8,400 55 102
6 What are subtle changes occur in the environment after blowing conch? 8,288 64 116
7 Every sister should keep spiritual emotion (bhaav) on the day of Raksha-Bandhan such as Draupadi had for Shreekrushna! 7,896 39 106
8 Benefits of bathing with water mixed with Gomutra 7,604 60 117
9 Prayer waking up - Karadarshan 5,132 72 78
10 How to celebrate Nagpanchami ? 4,706 73 57

3B. Some comments from visitors

3B 1. ‘ Thanking you for your very useful post.I read it daily. I read today's post on BHAV ( spiritual emotions). I am facing this from last six months. when ever see the GOD Shiva my eyes get wet, all most like crying. plz help me regarding this. Still I don't have any Guru "’ – Mr. Sushant Devbhankar   - He has now started chanting
3B 2. ‘I love this page and I appreciate the work u ppl are doing’. – Mr. Kshitij Kulkarni

3C. FHA Google+

In the month of August, 119 people were added to FHA Google+ and there were around 873 likes for various posts made.

4. Regional Prasar

4A. North America

4A 1. 2014 FHA Prasar highlights

4A 1A. 2014 Panchang Order efforts by seekers across North America

A. Positive response for East Coast 2014 Panchang orders: Total orders are 1326. There are 2-3 stores (grocery & puja material stores) that will display & distribute our calendars & give us the collected donation towards the same upon distribution. Out of 1326 calendars, seekers will distribute 239 calendars & Dharmaabhimanis will distribute 1010.

B. Positive response for West Coast 2014 Panchang orders: Total orders are 736. We received an order of 100 calendars from a grocery store that will redistribute our calendars Out of 736 calendars, seekers will distribute 38 calendars & Dharmaabhimanis will distribute 698. In addition 2 more local stores have granted permission to keep calendars and give us collected donations after distribution.

4B. Dharma prasar efforts of seekers in North America

4B 1. Seekers putting up flier for Krushna Janmashtami in grocery stores and temples: Seekers across North America were able to take benefit of Shreekrushna Janmashtami fliers prepared for offline prasar on the weekend and distributing them by visiting grocery stores and temples.

4C. Europe (United kingdom)

4C. 1. Efforts of a seeker of Forum for Hindu Awakening for doing Dharma prasar

A. A seeker of Forum for Hindu Awakening in Tysley, Birmingham, United Kingdomdistributed fliers of ‘Respect the National flag’ and Ganesh Chaturthi’ at Shree Laxmi temple, Birmingham and Balaji temple, Dudley. The temple Committees at Birmingham and Dudley gave a positive response and allowed to put up the printouts of the campaigns on the notice boards.

B. The seeker was also able to distribute fliers at a Karate class to around 50 people. Many people were very interested in the information given and some of them even asked questions related to different Deities, offering flowers to Deities, etc. Some of the people have also volunteered to help in the mission. These fliers were also given to 3 others Karate class conductors who in turn distributed it to some 30-35 people and some even told the information given in the fliers orally or emailed it to their family and friends.

C. Prior to Independence day, Forum for Hindu Awakening seeker, was also able to meet an officer, at a higher level post in ICG of India, Birminghamto gave him the  ‘Respect the National flag’ fliers. He was very pleased to receive them. He offered to help and distributed the fliers to his office staff (around 40 people).

5. Satsangs and Balsatsangs held in various centres

Centre Dharma satsangs Bal satsangs
NA 2 8
Total 2 8

6. Login report

Two new curious who had contacted Forum for Hindu Awakening through Login have started doing some sadhana.

7. FHA SEO Report

7A. Highlights of Adwords campaign and their result

7A. A total of 39,842 new visits were received this month to FHA website through the Google ad words campaign.

7B. Breakdown of visits as per each campaign are as per below. 

Campaigns Clicks Impressions*
Hindu Calendar 2013 39,173 511,151
Event – Hinduism 101 669 48,798
Total clicks 39,842  

*Impressions means, the number of people who saw our advertisement.

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