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Our Dharmik activities to awaken and unite Hindus worldwide in November 2013 (Kartik 5115)

Forum for Hindu Awakening’s volunteer dhak have been working selflessly to promote Dharma education, and awaken and unite supporters of Hinduism since its found in January (Paush2009. Here is a glance at these inspiring Hindu activities and the positive response we have received in November 2013 (Ashwin - Kartik 5115, as per the Hindu calendar). We hope they will inspire our readers to work together to understand, live and preserve Hinduism ! Join us in serving Dharma

1. Visitors to the Forum for Hindu Awakening website (www.HinduAwakening.org)

YouTube HinduAwakening.org Login members Facebook Fans Twitter Followers Google+
3,911 37,312 16 19740 7,800 132

1A. Website Ranks



(Jun 2013)


(July 2013)


(Aug 2013)


(Sep 2013)


(Oct 2013)


(Nov 2013)

Google rank Page Rank 3 Page Rank 3 Page Rank 3 Page Rank 3 Page Rank 3 Page Rank 3
Alexa rank 372,485 347,497 374,619 336,251 315,306 327,912

2. Number of articles

2A. Total articles: 669

2B. News items published: 107

2C. Denigrations published: Total 11 denigration news were published on website under news section.

  • Hindus upset at Lord Vishnu's misrepresentation on ABC's "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."

  • Thousands of devotees gather at Jantar-Mantar to oppose accusations against H. H. Asaram Bapu

  • 'Ram Leela' hits 'Hindu sentiments': Ram as drug peddler, womaniser, Hanuman with gun

  • Australian brewery apologizes for using Hindu deities on beer bottles

  • Hindu deities drawn artistically leads to denigration in an Indian restaurant called Funky Curry in Melbourne Australia.

  • Hindus Urge Withdrawal Of Ganesh-Lakshmi Australian Beer

  • Complaint filed against Ram Leela for allegedly hurting Hindu sentiments

  • Hindu cartoon complaint dismissed in Johannesburg, South Africa

  • HJS Effect : Kerala School Denigrates Hindu Deities in Magazine, authorities apologise after protest

  • Protest : 'Mickey Virus' movie depicts Shri Shiva in insulting manner

  • Accusation against H. H. Asaram Bapu's 'Mahila Ashram' is totally false : Gujarat Women Commission

2D. Campaigns:

  1. A protest campaign related to denigrations of deities happening through product packages for financial gains was launched on FHA. Readers were appealed to send protest letters to Krishna fireworks, Krishna rice, and Laxmi brands.

  2. Protest campaign launched by Hindu Jana Jagruti Samiti (HJS) to stop the International Islamic University at Tirupati India was highlighted on FHA website and readers were appealed to join HJS conferences and campaigns in India.

3. Online prasar

3A. FHA Facebook

3A 1. Breakup of total posts made on FHA Facebook profile in November - 2013

Sr No Post Post seen by people Likes Shares
1 Tulasi Vivah 21,440 308 234
2 Why should one always do Namaskar to elders? 7,048 112 93
3 Dying Hindus in Bangladesh: A concern of US, not of India. What a shame ! 6,608 33 34
4 India: Surya Namaskar becoming Jesus Namaskar: 6,596 85 66
5 Wearing Earrings –  A Spiritual Perspective 6,512 56 72

3B. FHA  Google+



(May 2013)


(Jun 2013)


(July 2013)


(Aug 2013)


(Sep 2013)


(Oct 2013)

Total Likes 139 173 516 873 1174 2147
Others who added in their circles 69 78 95 119 147 236

4. Regional Prasar

North America

4A . ‘Hindu Chetana-2014’ Panchang offline prasar efforts across North America

4A 1. Panchang prasar outside grocery store in California: On Ashwin Krushna Chaturdashi/Amavasya, Kaliyug varsha 5115 (November 2, 2013), FHA seekers setup a small stall for sale of Panchang outside a grocery store. Total 39 West coast calendars were distributed in 2.5 hrs. One Dharmaabhimani is in touch with the seeker and has started chanting name of family deity and took additional calendar order during follow-up. One Dharmaabhimani took 12 calendars and also asked for the Krushna-Arjun poster which is on first page of the 2014 calendar.

4A 2. Panchang prasar at Vidya Vaidica Ganapati temple in California: On Kartik Shukla Chaturdashi, Kaliyug varsha 5115 (November 16, 2013), FHA seeker got opportunity to stand at the temple exit and display the Panchang’s. Total 21 west coast calendars were distributed in 1.5 hrs.

4A 3. Panchang prasar by FHA at Marathi Bhashik Mandal Diwali event: On Kartik Shukla Shashthi, Kaliyug varsha 5115  (November 9, 2013) FHA seekers did Panchang prasar at Marathi mandal Diwali event. Around 150 attendees were present and total of 16 east coast calendars were distributed.

4B. Dharma prasar efforts of seekers in North America

4B 1. FHA gets opportunity to setup stall Annual cultural event in Nebraska: On Kartik Shukla Chaturdashi, Kaliyug varsha 5115 (November 16, 2013) FHA seekers got anopportunity to setup an exhibition of Holy texts and Panchang’s at the annual cultural event organized by Indian Association of Nebraska. Around 500 Dharmaabhimanis attended the event and 50 of them visited our stall to see the Holy texts, Sattvik products, incense sticks and Hindu Chetana.

4B 2. FHA seekers display Holy texts and Panchang’s at exhibition in Annakoot event in Delaware: On Ashwin Shukla Dwitiya, Kaliyug varsha 5115 (November 8, 2013) FHA seeker family got an opportunity to setup an exhibition of Holy texts and Panchang at Annakoot (Annakoot is observed in Gujarat, Bharat after Diwali and on this day huge food offerings are made to Shrikrishna. Annakoot is also observed as the New Year’s Day in Gujarat) event in Delaware. Total event attendance was around 45 Dharmaabhimanis. There was positive response for Holy texts and 5 East coast calendars were distributed.

5. Satsangs and Balsatsangs held in various centres

Centre Dharma satsangs Bal satsangs
NA 2 4
Total 2 4

6. FHA SEO Report

6A. Highlights of Adwords campaign and their result

6A. A total of 18,911 new visits were received this month to FHA website through the Google ad words campaign.

6B. Breakdown of visits as per each campaign are as per 1st November  to 30th November 2013. 

Campaigns Clicks Impressions*
Hindu Calendar 2013 23,689 493,191
Diwali – Festival of lights 6,076 154,785
Total clicks 29,765  

*Impressions means, the number of people who saw our advertisement.

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