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Our Dharmik activities to awaken and unite Hindus worldwide in September 2013 (Bhadrapad 5115)

Forum for Hindu Awakening’s volunteer dhak have been working selflessly to promote Dharma education, and awaken and unite supporters of Hinduism since its found in January (Paush2009. Here is a glance at these inspiring Hindu activities and the positive response we have received in September 2013 (Shrawan - Bhadrapad 5115, as per the Hindu calendar). We hope they will inspire our readers to work together to understand, live and preserve Hinduism ! Join us in serving Dharma

1. Visitors to the Forum for Hindu Awakening website (www.HinduAwakening.org)

YouTube HinduAwakening.org Login members Facebook Fans Twitter Followers Google+
2,564 40,089 20 15,150 7,251 81

1A. Website Ranks



(April 2013)


(May 2013)


(Jun 2013)


(Jul 2013)


(Aug 2013)


(Mar 2013)

Google rank Page Rank 3 Page Rank 3 Page Rank 3 Page Rank 3 Page Rank 3 Page Rank 3
Alexa rank 408,644 372,485 347,497 374,619 336,251 321,581

2. Number of articles

2A. Total articles: 652

Articles published for the month of September 2013: 8

2B. News items published: 107

2C. Denigrations published: Total 4 denigration news were published on website under news section.

  • Protest : 'Delhi Art Gallery' to exhibit paintings drawn by anti-national M F Husain

  • Hindus concerned at trivialization of Hindu deities in Minneapolis play

  • Protest : 'Abused Goddesses' campaign condemning domestic violence denigrate Hindu Deities

  • Sale of novel ‘Dhundi’ calling Shri Ganesh as 'cruel and rowdy' stopped temporarily

3. Online prasar

3A. FHA Facebook

3A 1. Breakup of total posts made on FHA Facebook profile in September - 2013

Sr No Post

Post seen by people

Likes Shares
1 Abused Goddesses’ campaign 12,904 140 108
2 Significance of BhagvanShree  Ganesh 10,196 74 78
3 Understanding Spiritual Significance of Navratri -Hinduism-101 9,640 113 112
4 Pitru paksha - Hinduism Education Satsang for Children 8,668 64 44
5 How to Handle Shri Ganesh Idol 7,232 48 83
6 Why our ancestors made it a tradition to offer a red Hibiscus flower to Shree Ganpati? 7,004 62 79
7 Why a photo or an idol of Shree Ganesh having right sided trunk is not commonly worshiped? 6,912 59 64
8 Swami Vivekananda  famous quote to inspire us : 6,556 102 52
9 I believe in Ram, can’t argue for Ram Setu to be destroyed : Solicitor General Mohan Parasaran 6,070 203 67
10 How a church in Maine became a Hindu temple. 5,618 59 18

3B. Some comments from visitors

whoever is behind this page...i am very grateful to you for giving these information.. there has been many times i see a muslim or any christian they are.... soooo so into their religion....cause they are fed religion from childhood.. they know their relgion very well.. but our children or generation to come dont take pride in hinduism... this forum is a small but verrrrrrrrry significant step toward educating Hindus bout Hinduism.... and someday start taking pride in being a Hindu.. - Ms. Kalyani Jha, Bharat

3C. FHA  Google+

In the month of September, 147people were added to FHA Google + and there were around 1174 likes for various posts made.

4. Regional Prasar

4A. North America

4B. Dharma prasar efforts of seekers in North America

4B 1. FHA seekers setup stall on September 29, 2013, at the 19th Annual Hindu Sangathan Divas (Hindu unity day) in New York: On Bhadrapad Krushna Dashami, Kaliyug varsh 5115 (September 29, 2013), the 19th annual Hindu unity day was held in the city of New York. Shri Jitendra Oulkar and family were able to setup stall displaying Holy texts and 2014 Panchang’s. Shri Jitendra Oulkar was invited on stage before the prominent Hindutvadis (Swami Ramdevbaba, Shri. Subramaniam Swamy) and was able to share about the mission of FHA and the importance of 2014 Panchang. Event was attended by around 500 Dharmaabhimanis.

4B 2. FHA seekers got opportunity to setup stall and conduct a presentation for two days at HMEC conference in Toronto, Canada: During two day period, starting on Bhadrapad Krushna Dwitiya, Kaliyug varsha 5115, (September 20, 2013), Toronto seekers got opportunity to participate in the Hindu Mandir Executives Council conference (HMEC). Shri. Yogesh Gandre, Sou. Sailee Gandre, Shri. Dewang Gadoya and Sou. Rishita Gadoya were able to setup an exhibition of FHA’s Holy texts, 'Hindu Chetana 2014' panchang and sattvik products. Shri. Yogesh Gandre gave a presentation on, “Services offered to Indian Community- Role of FHA in shaping up Hindus in North America”. The HMEC souvenir “Mandir Wani”, shared the FHA article on utilizing social networking media for spreading Hindu Dharma Education. A total of 34 Panchang’s donations were collected at the conference. Event was attended by around 250 Dharmaabhimanis.

4B 3. FHA gets opportunity to setup stall in 2 different cities in California on September 14, 2013, at the Dharma and Yoga fest

A. City of Pleasanton: On Bhadrapad Shukla Dashami, Kaliyug varsh 5115 (September 14, 2013) seekers Shri. Jitendra Dhawas and Sou.Vaishali Dhawas were able to setup a stall displaying 2014 calendars and the Panchang Flex banner. A total of 21 panchang were sold and 4 were gifted to potential Dharmaabhimanis along with distribution of 110 FHA fliers containing satsang information. Attendance of Dharmaabhimanis at the event was over 4000 while 55 curious visited the FHA stall.

B. City of Santa Clara: On Bhadrapad Shukla Dashami, Kaliyug varsh 5115 (September 14, 2013) FHA seekers Sou. Swapnaja Ranade, Shri. Dinesh Shedge, Sou. Kalpana Shedge and a seeker from Bharat were able to setup FHA stall displaying various Holy texts, incense sticks and 2014 Panchang’s and the Panchang Flex banner. A total of 20 Panchang’s were sold along with distribution of FHA fliers containing satsang information. Attendance of Dharmaabhimanis at the event was over 5000 and close to 100 curious visited the FHA stall.

5. Satsangs and Balsatsangs held in various centres

Centre Dharma satsangs Bal satsangs
NA 2 4
Total 2 4

6. FHA SEO Report

6A. Highlights of Adwords campaign and their result

6A. A total of 31,375 new visits were received this month to FHA website through the Google ad words campaign.

6B. Breakdown of visits as per each campaign are as per below. 

Campaigns Clicks Impressions*
Hindu Calendar - Shravan 29,881 445,490
Shraadh - Pitrupaksha 1,254 39,106
Hinduism 101 - Pitrupaksha 120 5,839
Hinduism 101 - Rishipanchami 56 711
Navratri 64 5,128
Total clicks 31,375  

*Impressions means, the number of people who saw our advertisement.

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