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Maharushi Vyas - A Chiranjeevi

Hindu Dharma has a glorious past of great Saints and Sages. Several Saints ascended to the state of Guru and showed the path of God realisation to many. They also taught spirituality to the society through their conduct and actions. Their mission was not just limited to spirituality but they also did substantial work for the defence of nation whenever it was in difficulties. Some of the Saints travelled all over the world and disseminated the spiritual knowledge of Bharat there without any personal expectations. 

Maharushi Vyās knows the secret of all Creation. His vast knowledge of the past, present and future made Him apt to author the Mahābhārat, the greatest epic in the Hindu scriptures. As Vyas knew all about prayers, Karma, Vēdās, practice of asceticism and yog, Dharma (Religion and duty), artha (material wealth) and kāma (desire), Shāstras and the society, He put all this knowledge in the Mahabharat. Click here to read more.


Vaishākh Shukla Trayodashī, Kaliyuga Varsh 5110

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