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How to win Gurus Grace?

In order to be blessed by a Guru, Spiritual practice according to the Path of Guru's Grace (Gurukrupāyoga) should be practised conscientiously. Chant the Name imparted by the Guru, attend Satsang (Holy company), perform Service of the Absolute Truth (satsēvā), do sacrifices and have Spiritual love (prīti) for others. Click here to read more.

  1. Spiritual practice according to the Path of Guru's Grace (Gurukrupoyoga)
    1. Worship of the family Deity (Kuladēvatā)
      1. Worship of Deity Datta
    2. Chanting The God's Name (Nāmsmarana )
    3. Satsang (Holy company)
    4. Service of the Absolute Truth (satseva)
      1. Best service of the Absolute Truth: The spread of Spirituality
      2. How can one accomplish it ?
    5. Being blessed by a Guru (Guru-prāpti) and service unto the Guru
    6. Sacrifice
      1. Donation (offering)
    7. Spiritual love (priti) for others
    8. Stance of a spectator (sakshibhāv)
    9. Mission after attaining Self-realisation (dnyānottar kārya)
  2. Necessity of continual grace of the Guru

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