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What are the different types of Gurus as per our Scriptures?

There is not much difference between an internal and an external Guru. In reality, ritualistically worshipping the external Guru is worshipping the Guru established in one's heart. One offers one's heart God. One benefits internally from whatever one does for God. Even the Gurugitā quotes that the seat of the internal Guru is the triangle in the Sahasradal manḍal. Click here to read more.

  1. Types based on the method of carrying out the mission
  2. Internal and external Gurus
  3. According to the Nāmachintāmaṇi 
  4. According to the Pishchila Tantra
  5. According to the Kulagam
  6. Other types
  7. The God's Name itself is the Guru
  8. The era and the Guru
  9. The Guru's unmanifest (nirguṇ) form is superior to His manifest (saguṇ) form

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