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What are the qualities of a Guru?

Guru has all the qualities that an ideal teacher possesses. The Guru’s real quality is Self-realisation (Ātmānubhūti). However since that cannot be comprehended with the intellect, only some prominent qualities of the Guru which can be understood with the intellect are enlisted. Click here to read more.

  1. One possessing spiritual knowledge (dnyānī)
  2. The yearning to impart spiritual knowledge to a disciple
  3. Teaching only that disciple who will obey
  4. Teaching the disciple according to his spiritual level
  5. Teaching stepwise based on the spiritual level
  6. Provocation to think (an excerpt from Baba’s audio cassette)
  7. Examining the homework
  8. Avoiding answering of unnecessary questions
  9. Teaching with a positive attitude
  10. Equality towards all disciples
  11. Protecting the disciple
  12. Appreciating the disciple
  13. Ability to get spiritual practice done from the disciple
  14. The one without any expectation of receiving an offering (Gurudakshinā)
  15. Pure sāttvik(sattva predominant) ego

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