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What is a Gurumantra?

Though the word Gurumantra includes the word mantra in it, it mostly implies to which Name of The God a disciple should chant. One should chant the Name recommended by the Guru rather than chanting the Name of one's favourite Deity. Click here to read more. 

  1. Meaning
  2. Importance
  3. Components present in the Guru necessary to kindle chanting (spiritual practice) in others
  4. The spiritual level of the one imparting the Name and the importance of the words in the Name
  5. Misconcepts about the Gurumantra
  6. Receiving a Gurumantra
    1. Who receives a Gurumantra ?
    2. Receiving a Gurumantra through a vision in a dream
    3. Do not ask for a Gurumantra
    4. Not imparting a Gurumantra to one or not advising spiritual practice
      1. Not imparting a Gurumantra to the undeserving
      2. Not imparting a Gurumantra till one is prepared to receive it
      3. The disciple too is Brāhmaṇ 
      4. Not imparting a Gurumantra unnecessarily
      5. Having a different Guru according to the Guru lineage
  7. The Guru's referral to another Guru
  8. The real Gurumantra
  9. Power of the Gurumantra imparted by the Guru
  10. Receiving a Gurumantra from the Guru principle
  11. The ritual of imparting a Gurumantra and the spiritual experience of the disciple at that moment
  12. No reduction in the Guru's energy by His imparting a Gurumantra
  13. Energy in a Gurumantra persists even when the Guru renounces His body by attaining the superconscious state (samādhi)
  14. Where should one chant a Gurumantra ?
  15. Why is it said that 'A Gurumantra should be kept a secret ?'
  16. A Gurumantra is not necessary !

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