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What is the importance of a Guru?

In this very birth each one seeks guidance from teachers, doctors, lawyers, etc. for simple things. If this is so then it is really beyond one's imagination to understand the importance of the Guru who releases one from the bondage of life and death. Click here to read more.

  1. According to the science of education
  2. According to psychology
  3. According to the science of Spirituality
    1. Visiting the Guru
    2. Some points in combination
    3. Overcoming difficulties
    4. Augmentation in the ability to withstand destiny
    5. Making the disciple self-radiant instead of a mere medium
    6. Teaching continuously due to Omniscience
    7. Teaching to refrain from supernatural powers (siddhis)
    8. Holistic importance
    9. Importance based on the type of the Guru
    10. Spiritual progress before and after being blessed by a Guru (Guru-prāpti)
    11. Path of Meditation (Dnyānyoga) and the Guru
    12. The stage of a renunciant (sanyāsāshram) and the Guru
    13. Path of Knowledge (Dnyanyoga) and the Guru
    14. Path of Devotion (Bhaktiyoga) and the Guru
    15. Assuring one of the spiritual experiences of God / Brahman
    16. Presence of Deities
    17. Teaching even after renouncing the body

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