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What is the importance of the ritual of Shraadha?

The ritual of shrāadha not only repays debts towards deceased ancestors, but also makes it easy to repay debts towards God and Sages. As debts towards ancestors need to be repaid by actions, it becomes simple and easy to repay these debts through the ritual of shraadha. Therefore, in order to be able to repay other debts in a good manner, it is necessary that everyone relies upon debts towards ancestors that acts as link between God and Sages, satisfy them by performing these rituals and try to embark upon the progress towards attaining final liberation. By performing the ritual of shraadha, with the help of the ancestors’ souls one can slowly progress towards reaching God and Sages and by the virtue of combined support from Vasu, Rudra and Aditya (Vasu means aspirations, Rudra means dissolution and Aditya means radiance or action), one can provide momentum to the deceased father, grandfather and great grandfather and in turn acquire blessings from God. Click here to read more.

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2. Enabling one to break bonds with others and liberate oneself

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4. Young Generation and shraadha (Preface of book)

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