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What are the presiding Deities and results of Shraadha?

Pururav-Aardrav and Dhurilochan are Deities of ancestors’ souls. They are referenced in the ritual of shrāadha. ‘shraadha is associated with the benevolent Deities Vasu, Rudra and Aditya of the ancestors’ souls. The mantras chanted during the shraadha and the rites performed enables one to connect to these Deities.’ The deceased person for whom the ritual of shraadha is being performed, is considered as a follower of Vasu, his parents are considered as followers of Rudra and his grand parents are considered as followers of Aditya. Therefore during shraadha, the names of father, grandfather and great grandfather (or mother, grandmother and great grandmother) are pronounced as representatives of Vasu-Rudra-Aditya respectively. Click here to read more.

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