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When should the Shraadha be performed?

Normally no moon night, 12 sankrants in a year, solar-lunar eclipses, Yugadhi and Manvadi dates, Ardhodayadi parva, date of death, arrival of Shrotriya priests (Brāhmans) etc dates are considered appropriate for performing shrāadha. Normally every year shraadha should be performed on the date of death of the person (as per the Hindu calendar and not as per the English calendar. If the date is not known and only the month is known, then in that case the shraadha can be performed on the no moon night of that month. If both, the date as well as the month is unknown then the shraadha can be performed on the no moon night of the Hindu calendar month of Māgha or Mārgshīrsha. Click here to read more.

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