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Why is God's Name superior to His form?

‘The subconscious mind carries millions of impressions. To erase even a single impression would take a very long time. As such, a considerable period of time would be wasted in overcoming the tendencies of the subconscious mind, by following restraints and regulations (yam-niyam). It is much more important to make continual efforts to blend with The Absolute Being (Purush), rather than to try and erase such impressions from the mind which arise from Prakruti. This is precisely what can be achieved by chanting The God’s Name. The mind, intellect and subconscious mind (chitta) among others, are all constituents of Prakruti and these function according to their own characteristics. Instead of wasting one’s spiritual practice (sādhanā) in resisting them, one would achieve one’s goal faster, if that spiritual practice is utilised to progress towards the God principle (Purushtattva) by becoming one with the “Name” (of God) that one chants.’ - Saint Bhaktaraj. Click here to read more.

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