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Frequently Asked Questions on Spiritual Healing

It is best to heal oneself through one’s regular spiritual practice and spiritual healing remedies done on our own. However, if one has to seek the help of a healer, then the following can be kept in mind in selecting a spiritual healer:

  • The healer needs to be above the 50% spiritual level

  • It is best to select a healer who is not in it for fame or money but has a genuine desire to help people overcome their problems.

  • The healer needs to be doing spiritual practice under the guidance of a Saint or Guru. (Please note there are stringent guidelines as to who can be considered a Saint or a Guru.)

  • If one finds a healer that does not meet these criteria, the likelihood of a negative energy healing through him or her is high.

However, knowing whether a healer meets these criteria is possible only through activated sixth sense ability. Thus, it is beyond the capacity of an average person. Doing spiritual practice conforming to the six basic principles in spiritual practice ensures development or activation of one’s sixth sense. Click here to read more.

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