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What is the ideal spiritual practice for the current era?

Spiritual practice for every era (yug) is predetermined. Hence, one can derive maximum benefit by undertaking spiritual practice appropriate for the era. In the Satyayug, the spiritual emotion that ‘He’ is ‘I’ (Soham) prevailed. During that period the Path of Knowledge was practised as seekers had the potential to understand the implied meaning of the Vedas. In the Tretayug, strenuous penances such as attaining the superconscious (samadhi) state were performed. As there was a decline in the ability of both, the mind and the body, which are required to practise all this in the Dvaparyug, spiritual practice became ritualistic worship performed by the body (karmakand). Its main constituent was sacrificial fires (yadnya, yag). Later, in the Kaliyug, even this was difficult to practise because day by day it became cumbersome to acquire all the essentials for a sacrificial fire such as wealth, articles, priests of a sattvik nature, etc. In the present Kaliyug, cumulative sin is on the rise and the sattvik nature of an average person is on an average only 20%. However, even in such circumstances, The Lord has provided us with an excellent arrangement. In the Kaliyug one can make maximum spiritual progress by practising Spirituality for a minimum period. Repeating (chanting) The Lord’s Name is the most ideal spiritual practice for the Kaliyug. (The holy text, the Shrimadbhagvat describes the four types of spiritual practices according to the Path of Devotion followed in the four eras.) Click here to read more

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