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Why should a prayer be augmented with an expression of gratitude?

God is the creator of the universe. We too are a part and parcel of this universe. So both, the universe and we were created by God. All events in the universe followed thereafter. These include me, happiness, unhappiness, intellect, actions, family, country, religion, spiritual practice, etc. Thus whenever one thinks about oneself and / or the world, unconsciously harbouring awareness of God or one of His forms and offering the credit for even this awareness to God, it is termed as gratitude. Prayer is actually a synonym for surrender. This act of surrender is completed only after the expression of gratitude. The Guru Himself is God for a seeker who has been blessed by the grace of a Guru or for one who is practising Spirituality according to the Path of the Guru’s Grace (Gurukrupāyoga). Hence it is but natural for him to harbour more gratitude towards the Guru. Click here to read more.

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