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Why do distressing energies trouble seekers undertaking samashti sadhana?

Sanatan Sanstha has undertaken the social mission of propagating Righteousness (Dharma) in society. As majority of seekers of Sanatan Sanstha strive for the sake of society (samashṭi), presently many of them are tormented by distressing energies. The reason for this is as follows: Distressing energies generally do not trouble those undertaking individual spiritual practice because those energies are not bothered if a few individuals undertake spiritual practice and attain the Final Liberation (Moksha). However spiritual practice done for the sake of society inspires many people in society to undertake spiritual practice. When this happens, the Sattva component in the atmosphere starts increasing and the Tama predominant distressing energies are consequently troubled by it. It is therefore that they start harassing seekers and pose obstacles in their spiritual practice for the sake of society. Click here to read more.

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