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How should a Husband and Wife do Namaskar together?

This article shows the correct method of doing namaskar and spiritual science behind it.

How to do Namaskar - Do's and Dont's

Article speaks about how to do namaskar correctly, do's and dont's

How to do Namaskar to a dead body? - Do's and Dont's

how to do namaskar to dead body

Namaskar - meaning and benefits

An article on namaskar or namaskaar.

What is correct method & science of doing Namaskar to God?

This article shows the reason behind doing namaskar in a specific manner to God and how one can avail spiritual benefits by doing so.

What is the correct method of doing Namaskar to Saints?

This article shows how to do namaskar to saints and science behind doing it in a specific manner.

Who should one not do Namaskar to?

This article gives the spiritual reasons behind refraining from doing namaskar to people engaged in specific activites.

Why 'Namaskar' and not a handshake?

This article gives spiritual benefits of doing namaskar and disadvantages of hand shake.

Why Namaskar should not to be done with one hand?

This article mentions who do namaskar with one hand, what does it signify and what are disadvantages of it.

Why should one always do Namaskar to elders?

Paying obeisance (Namaskar) to the elders in the family is one way of surrendering to the God principle in them.

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