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Introduction to Spirituality

Basic principles of spiritual practice

Basic principles of spirituality and importance of Spiritual practice

Growing Up in America and Embracing Hindu Spirituality

How misconceptions regarding Spirituality arise

One should generally not speak on a subject of which one does not have adequate knowledge. Despite this rule several prominent personalities from other fields in society talk on Spirituality even when they have had no spiritual experiences.

Sattva, Raja and Tama

What are the means of obtaining bliss?

Only when the impressions of desires and instincts, likes and dislikes, temperamental characteristics, etc. are wiped off from the subconscious mind, that is only when nescience is destroyed can one experience the Bliss lying dormant within oneself.

What is the ideal spiritual practice for the current era?

When Spirituality is practised in a sect the same practice is recommended to all. Just as it would be wrong for a physician to prescribe the same drug to patients suffering from different ailments so also it is wrong to recommend the same spiritual practice to all. This is specially so when the three components (trigun), five elements, accumulated account (sanchit), destiny and wilful actions (kriyaman karma) are different in every individual.

What is the key to obtain everlasting happiness?

Every living being (jiva), from the smallest insect or ant to the more evolved human being, is constantly in the quest for the supreme quality of happiness.

What is the spiritual principle behind sacrifice?

One needs to give up the attachment to the body, mind and wealth in order to make spiritual progress. Of these, sacrifice of wealth is the easiest as it can be done physically.

Which Name should one chant if the Guru has not imparted a Name?

One should repeat (chant) the Name of the family deity (kuladevata), which refers to both the male or the female family deity. Depending upon which family deity’s worship is conducive for his spiritual progress, an individual is born in that particular family.

Why is intellect an obstacle in spiritual progress?

For spiritual progress one needs to practise Spirituality and in order to be able to practise it regularly, faith is essential. The faith of a seeker in the primary stage grows with intellectual knowledge. However, for a seeker in the advanced stage, faith increases with spiritual experiences which are beyond the comprehension of the intellect.

Why is it important to understand implied meaning in Spirituality?

In Spirituality, an attempt is made to express verbally that which is beyond words. Consequently, there is a difference in the literal and implied meaning. That is why as the spiritual emotion of a seeker rises according to his spiritual level, he comprehends the same point differently.

Why is Jiva (embodied soul) interested in Spirituality?

Why is Spirituality classified as a science?

Just as theories in chemistry, physics, and medical science etc can be proven again and again. To site an example; ‘oxygen supports combustion’. This was proven decades ago and can be still proved today. Similarly, everything that comes under Adhyaatm Shastra (spiritual science), can be proven time and again.

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