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Why is Bruhaspati called Deity of intellect?

Bestower of intellect: Deity Bruhaspati

Origin, meaning and definition: The word Bruhaspati (बृहस्‍पति) is formed from two words, bruhat (बृहत्‌) meaning vast and pati (पति) meaning nurturer. Deity Bruhaspati is the one who nurtures the entire intellect, spiritual knowledge and progress; the one who decides the code of conduct. The complete potent form of Deity Prajāpati which is worthy of spiritual experience and the conjoint state of reproduction, that is the conjoint state of Brāhman and Prajapati is Bruhaspati.

Another Name: Brahmanaspati. Variation: In the period when the Hindu religion was blossoming they began to call Bruhaspati, Ganapati (the master of attendants) because He is the presiding Deity of attendants (gans) of Deities.

Mission and special features

  • The Deity of intellect: When the subtle embodied soul advances towards spiritual knowledge to a greater extent it means progress. Decision regarding conduct (karma) on the basis of knowledge (dnyān) and transforming action into behaviour is facilitated by Deity Bruhaspati. Thus framing of rules and their compilation with regard to knowledge and action is done by Deity Bruhaspati. Deity Bruhaspati augments knowledge and action.

  • The main advisor and preceptor in the assembly of Deities.

  • The officiating family priest of Deities: His presence is essential for performing a sacrificial fire (yadnya) appropriately.

  • The presiding Deity of mantras or prayers: Brahman means a prayer or a mantra. Thus Brahmanspati is the presiding Deity of mantras or prayers. He creates all mantras and recites them.

  • The presiding Deity of birth through the birth passage and out of a resolve: Deity Bruhaspati is born through both the routes - the physical union of Prajapati and His twenty-seven daughters and out of a resolve, that is through the spiritual experience at that moment. That is why He became the presiding Deity of both these forms of birth.

  • He corrects defects in thought and in spiritual experience.

  • Ability and manifest energy
    Ability: Creation 2%, sustenance 85% and dissolution 13%
    Manifest energy: 10%
    He is a Deity who bestows alertness. He also teaches how to magnify or reduce the size of an object.

Idols: His idols are not found anywhere.

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