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Maharshi Valmiki: Composer of Great Epic Ramayana

The story of Sage Vālmīki is meaningful. Sage Valmiki is a great example of how people are uplifted by the company of good men. By coming into contact with Deity Nāradā, he became a great Sage, a Brahmarshi; and he also gave the 'Rāmāyana' which the world can never forget. It is one of the great epics of the world. People of other countries read it in their own languages. The study of the 'Ramayana' can reform our lives. We can never forget Sage Valmiki who gave this great epic to us. Let us offer our salutations to that great Sage and bard.

Sage Valmiki's 'Ramayana' is the very first such poem in Sanskrut. Therefore, it is also called the 'Ādi-Kāvya' or - the First Poem; Sage Valmiki is also known as the 'Ādi-Kavi’, which means the First Poet. Click here to read more.

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