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Veer Durgadas Rathore: Savior of Marwar dynasty from clinch of Aurangzeb

Hindu Dharma has a glorious past of great Saints. Several Self-realised Saints became Gurus and showed the path of God-realisation to many. They also taught Spirituality to society through their conduct and actions. Their mission was not limited to Spirituality. When the need arose they strived to protect the Nation in crisis. Some Saints travelled the world over selflessly, spreading the spiritual knowledge of Bharat. Millions of people abroad are benefitting from that. For lakhs of years, the Saints took tremendous efforts to preserve Vedic Knowledge, the pride of Bharat. They also simplified this knowledge by creating many subjects connected with human life. The most important thing that the Saints of Bharat have gifted to the world however is the ‘tradition of the Guru and disciple’.

The current scenario however is different. Cricketers, film heroes and heroines have become role models for Hindus. Also the two defects of selfishness and narrow-mindedness have overcome Hindus so much that it is causing great harm to Hindu society. Under such circumstances it is the need of the hour to study and follow the life of Saints who have imparted the teachings of sacrifice, unconditional love, righteousness, patriotism, social upliftment and kshatradharma (duty of a warrior). Here, we are publishing matter about them to create social awareness. We pray to God to inspire Hindus to study and follow their biographies and teachings. Click here to read more.

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