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Desecration of Culture in Modern Garba

Hindus, there is ongoing perversion of our public festivals. Most of the times, forgetting the religious, spiritual and social reason behind the celebration of the festivals, the festivals are only looked upon as pleasure and fun. If one has to obtain the best example, then if one goes through the newspapers to see preparations of Navarātra, then one can see from the news with photographs everywhere of various garbā classes and various costumes, the amount of time required for this, along with the order given by the court in relation to the dispute of noise pollution. There is no mention of the God in the festival we celebrate whose blessings we are trying to invoke. While defining the festival in the science of religion it is said that- function that gives bliss to everybody is a festival. If one sees the present day festival then one will have to make a new definition that, 'making others unhappy in order to enjoy happiness (not bliss). As a result, barring a specific age group an average individual has started saying that, 'we do not want this festival, let us live in peace'. Hindus, now prove your selves ready to face the various malpractices in 'Navaratra' as on the occasion of Shree Ganēshutsav. Forcible collection of donation, sound pollution, 'garba' played on the tune of film songs, the ugly dance performed in drunk state with obscene gesticulation, the significant increase in the number of unmarried mothers after few months of Navaratra are the various mal practices which are the warning bell of declination of Hindu religion and civilization. In order to caution the Hindus about this danger, so also in order to protect and maintain the Hindu religion and civilization, we have undertaken this task of writing the article! Click here to read more.

  1. The spiritual importance and the meaning of the word 'garba'
  2. Cultural significance of the traditional garba
  3. Garba means worship of goddess
  4. The modern garba and Dandiya pervert the main intention of garba
  5. What do we achieve through the modern 'garba'?
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