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Raksha Bandhan and Nariyal Pournima

On the day of Shrāvan Pournimā high speed frequencies of Yama principle are activated in the universe. Particles of the absolute fire element (Tēj) are generated due to the friction between these high speed frequencies. These particles of Tej are emitted into the atmosphere. They become inert because of their union with the ground particles and they create a covering on the ground. This is called rakshā.

Bali, the king of Hell uses the Raja-Tama frequencies emitted by this raksha to nurture the negative energies. Hence, a woman ties rakhi to a man as a symbol of invoking Earth and taking Earth's help in restraining this action of King Bali. Click here to read more.

1. Raksha Bandhan
    1.1 The science underlying Raksha Bandhan
    1.2 Prayer to be made while tying rakhi
    1.3 Religious actions to be performed while tying rakhi
    1.4 Importance of giving a sāttvik gift by the brother to his sister
    1.5 Importance of tying rakhi without expectations
    1.6 Spiritual benefits of Raksha Bandhan
2. Rakhi
    2.1 How should the rakhi be?
    2.2 Special feature of the rakhi made by Sanatan Sanstha
    2.3 Stop denigration of Deities through rakhis
3. Nariyal Pournima
    3.1 Importance of offering coconut to the sea on the day of Nariyal Pournima

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