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When can females perform shraadha?

It is mentioned that the daughter, wife, mother and daughter-in-law of the deceased person have the authority to perform shrāadha. In spite of this, in the current era, the priests who conduct shraadha deny their consent for females to perform shraadha. This could be because in the earlier days the thread ceremony was  performed for females, and in current era, this practice has been discontinued in all classes. Therefore, in accordance to that, even performing of shraadha has been disallowed for females. In emergency conditions, however, if no one is available for performing shraadha, then it is better for it to be performed by females instead of not performing it at all. Click here to read more.

1. Importance of performing shraadha by oneself

2. Hindu Dharma that does not give any cause for excuse for not performing shraadha due to the absence of a particular person!

3. Performance of shraadha by females

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