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Why do men wear a cap during religious rituals?

Why do men wear a cap during religious rituals?

A cap or a turban is worn on the head by men. Hindu Dharma has suggested various remedies for a person to have communion with God in some manner or the other. In Kaliyuga , man has drifted far away from ritualistic worship,sādhanā etc. His seriousness towards karma has also declined. In such situation, the external mediums like a cap or a turban are used to generate spiritual emotion, seriousness and the desire for God realisation in a person. Hence, the concept of cap and turban was created.

In earlier times most people were following Dharma in their day-to-day life. They had a tuft on the head. The tuft worked like an antenna. Through the tuft, such jīvas could easily absorb the frequencies of the Deities in the atmosphere. They did not need a cap. In Kaliyuga due to the decline in sāttviktā, it is appropriate that even the men who have a tuft should wear a cap. Click here to read more.

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