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Why should one avoid wearing more than one type of ornaments in ear?

Since ancient times ‘Piercing ear-lobe’ is a conduct of Hindu Dharma. Through the ears and the holes caused by piercing of ear-lobe, Raja-Tama-dominant frequencies are emitted. During Satyayug due to the Absolute Fire(Tēj) Principle generated as a result of spiritual practice (Sādhanā) in the woman’s body the Raja-Tama-dominant frequencies emitted slightly by the hole were disintegrated there itself. In the course of time the sāttviktā of women went on reducing and the Raja-Tama in them increased. A need for ornaments was felt to protect them from the Raja-Tama-dominant frequencies and the negative energies. In Kaliyug the ear ornaments play an important role in destroying the Raja-Tama emitted through the hole.


Effects of piercing the pinna at more than one place and wearing ornaments:

Tej accumulated in the subtle skin pores in the fringe of the pinna. On piercing the pinna at more than one place, the proportion of this Energy reduces. Due to this, the protective sheath around the ear is broken. As a result, the proportion of transmission of Energy in the form of black air by the negative energies through the void of the ear increases. By piercing the ear at more than one place the head, neck and throat disorders in the women increase.

Being ignorant of this aspect, many women pierce the fringe of the pinna and wear various earrings like stud earrings, hoop earrings etc. In this way they cause harm to themselves. This also includes the ancient tradition of women wearing ‘Kanakakali’, an ornament worn on the helix. From a spiritual perspective, piercing the helix and wearing a Kankakali is considered an inferior conduct. Click here to read more.

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