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Why should a conch be blown prior ritualistic worship and how?

Subtle diagram of effect of blowing a conch

A conch (shankh) should be blown, when beginning any ritualistic worship and prior to the Āratī. By blowing the conch 3 times before beginning any ritualistic worship, movement of negative energies in the environment is reduced. This helps in reducing the obstacle of distressing vibrations and allows the flow of Sattva predominant frequencies of the Deities. This further creates a protective sheath or an armour of Chaitanya around the various items used in the ritualistic worship.

Any ritualistic worship is concluded by performing the Arati. During Arati, the frequencies of the principles of Deities functional in the universe are attracted to the venue of the worship in large numbers. The Raja-Tama frequencies can create obstacles to the flow of these frequencies. By blowing the conch, the Raja-Tama frequencies disintegrate; that is why it is blown prior to an Arati. This purifies the environment and helps in preserving the Divine consciousness generated through the ritualistic worship for a longer period. Thus we derive maximum benefit from the Sattva predominant frequencies of Deities attracted to the venue of the Arati. (Divine knowledge received through the medium of Ms Anjali Gadgil 7.1.2005, 3.15 pm)

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