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How to do immersion of Shree Ganesh idol when local government restrictions apply

Description: Hindus who live abroad (in countries like USA, UK, Australia, etc.) find it difficult to immerse the idol of Shree Ganēsh in river, lake or sea due to local rules and regulations. This article explains a spiritually acceptable method of immersion in such unique situations.


On Shree Ganēsh Chaturthī, devotees bring the idol of Shree Ganesh for a few days and then they immerse (visarjan) it in the river, a lake or sea. According to the science of Spirituality, the idol should be immersed in flowing water or sea. However, Hindus who reside outside India (Bhaarat), find it difficult to immerse it in river or sea due to the rules and regulations of their country.

Hindu Dharma’s greatness is such that it has made provision for every situation, be it day-to-day pūjā or performing last rites for the departed ancestors, etc. Devotees of Shree Ganesh need not worry about the difficulty of immersing the idol of Shree Ganesh. Given below are some ways the idol of Shree Ganesh (made of clay) can be immersed if the original method of immersion cannot be followed due to the restrictions in country we live in.

    1. Buy a small size idol of Shree Ganesh instead of a large size idol (for example, 6-7 inches high).

    2. After the uttarpuja (puja before taking the idol for immersion), carry the idol in the backyard or balcony.

    3. Take a large size tub or bucket, fill it with water and immerse the idol of Shree Ganesh in the tub or the bucket.

    4. If one lives in a flat or a house where backyard or balcony is not there, they can immerse the idol inside as given above.

    5. Let the idol dissolve completely in the tub or the bucket.

    6. Once the idol is completely dissolved, pour  the  water from the bucket into sāttvik plants or trees, like tulsī, etc. so that we do not step on this water.

    7. If it is not possible to get a small idol, then one can simply keep the idol of Shree Ganesh in a sattvik place in the house after the uttarpuja. There is no need to daily worship this idol. To prevent dust falling on the idol, it is recommended to cover it with plastic cover. When there is a possibility of immersing the idol in a water, one can take it there and immerse it as usual.

The above method is also applicable when there is drought or scarcity of water. 

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  2. Pollution caused due to incorrect materials and immersion methods used for idols of Shree Ganesh
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