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Pollution caused due to incorrect materials and immersion methods used for idols of Shree Ganesh

Description: If the idol of Shree Ganēsh is made of incorrect materials, it prevents us from deriving the spiritual benefits as well as it pollutes the rivers, lakes or sea.


On Shree Ganēsh Chaturthī, devotees bring the idol of Shree Ganesh for a few days and immerse (visarjan) it in the river, a lake or sea. In the past decades, the idol of Shree Ganesh was made of clay; however, with the advent of new materials like Plaster of Paris (PoP), plastic, cement, paper, etc. the idol does not dissolve completely in the water after the immersion. In addition to this, the toxic paints are used to decorate the idol. This leads to pollution of the environment. In this article, we will see the ill-effects and pollution caused due to the use of harmful materials used in making Shree Ganesh idol and incorrect methods of immersion of Shree Ganesh idol during Shree Ganesh Chaturthi festival.  

Harmful materials and its impact on the environment

  1. Idols made of Plaster of Paris do not dissolve easily in water. It also reduces the oxygen level in the water, killing the fish and other aquatic organisms.
  2. The paints used for decorating the idol contain heavy metals like mercury, chromium and lead. These are chemicals in turn affect the water used for drinking  from the  river where the idols are immersed.
  3. These days, a new concept of ‘Eco-friendly’ idols of Shree Ganesh is recommended. Some idols are made out of ‘paper’. Environmentally, the use of paper is harmful because it sucks the Oxygen from the water and generates Methane gases. 
  4. Idols made using plastic, cement, etc. do not dissolve in the water; thus polluting the water.
  5. During the Shree Ganesh Chaturthi festival, many malpractices take place; which impact the environment adversely. For example, playing pop or rock music on the mike system can lead to hearing problems, accidents, lack of concentration, etc.    

Spiritual pollution and Spiritual science

The purpose of celebrating Shree Ganesh Chaturthi is to express our gratitude unto Shree Ganesh. Instead, many people celebrate this festival just as a family custom or as a social event. The immersion of incorrectly made Shree Ganesh idol not only pollutes the physical surroundings, but also the spiritual environment.

1. People select idols made of PoP because it is less expensive; however, PoP idols attract very less Shree Ganesh principle. When the idols made from PoP are immersed in the water, they do not dissolve completely. Due to this, the remains of the idol are collected by the local government body and demolished under bulldozer. This is a grave insult and denigration of Shree Ganesh.

As our gratitude we should ensure the idol is immersed and dissolved completely to gain the maximum spiritual benefit of celebrating the festival of Shree Ganesh Chaturthi. The denigration of the idol occurs when it has not fully dissolved after immersion, by becoming a part of it we incur tremendous amount of sin.

2. Idol made of from clay (shadu or chikan clay) as per spiritual science is most spiritually beneficial for us. Idol made of clay has absolute earth element which naturally attracts and retains the Deity principle for a longer period of time. When these clay idols are immersed they dissolve in the water quickly and they emit sāttvik (spiritually pure) frequencies into the environment and this purifies the environment benefitting the society at large.

3. Sometimes, the idol is made out of coconut, banana, betel nut, coins, etc. This type of idol does not attract the Ganesh principle, on the contrary, due to incorrect materials; such idols release Raja-Tama (spiritually impure) frequencies reducing the sāttviktā in the environment  

4. Some people buy idols which are ‘designed in a modern way’! For example, Shree Ganesh riding a scooter, Shree Ganesh playing game of Cricket, etc. This is denigration of Shree Ganesh which amounts to sin. Idols made in accordance with spiritual science spiritually benefit everyone and also purifies the environment. If the idol is sculpted correctly with spiritual beneficial material only then it attracts Shree Ganesh principle into it.

5. The use of pop songs, vulgar dances, consumption of alcohol, etc. while taking the Shree Ganesh’s idol for immersion deprives everyone from obtaining the desired spiritual benefits of this festival.


In Hindu Dharma, every aspect of our day to day life has spiritual significance. All the festivals are celebrated for the purpose of remembering God, attracting the sattvikta, developing devotion unto God, etc. We can derive the spiritual benefits only if these festivals are celebrated according to the spiritual science.

Your contribution

Some Hindus had launched campaigns against the use of Plaster of Paris, as a result, a few State governments in Bharat have declared use for PoP for making Shree Ganesh’s idol as illegal. We urge you to explain the spiritual science of Shree Ganesh’s idol to your relatives, friends and help in stopping the denigration of Shree Ganesh.

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