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Where will you find Swayambhu Ganapati and Mahaganapati?

  1. The eight Vināyakas are famous. The eight supernatural powers (Ashta­-siddhi) are the consorts of Shree Ganapati. Each of the eight Vinayaks have become famous as being representative of one supernatural power. The eight Vinayaks are also associated with the eight directions. Click here to read more.

Swayambhu Ganapati, the famous Shree Ganapati idols in India and Mahāganapati

1. Three and a half seats (piths) of Shree Ganapati in Maharashtra

2. Eight Vinayaks (Ashtavināyaks) in Maharashtra

3. Twenty-one seats of Shree Ganapati according to the Purānas

4. Twelve famous Shree Ganapati idols in India

5. Mahaganapati

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