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What are the different variations of Shree Ganesh idol?

The science behind the idol of Shree Ganēsh is given in the ‘Shrī Ganapatyatharvashīrsha’ as Ekadantam, Chaturhas­tam ....(एकदन्तं चतुर्हस्तं०)’, meaning one who has only one tooth (ekadanta), four hands (chaturbhuj), adorns a noose (pāsh) and a goad (ankush), holds a (broken) tooth in one hand and holds the other hand in a posture bestowing blessings (varadmudra), whose flag bears the symbol of a mouse, who has a reddish complexion, a large abdomen (lambodar), whose ears are like sifting pans, who adorns red clothes, whose body is smeared with a paste of red sandalwood (raktachandan) and who is worshipped with red flowers. Click here to read more.

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