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Vijayadashmi: The triumph of righteousness

One derivation of the word Dasera is from dashhara. 'Dash' means ten and 'hara' means defeated. Nine days before Dasera, in the nine days of Navrātri, all the ten directions are saturated with the female Deity's (Dēvī's-Shakti) energy. 'Shakti' has control over creation in all the ten directions (dikpal), attendants (gan), etc. That is why this day is known as Dashhara, Dasera, Vijayadashamī, etc. This is one amongst the three and a half auspicious moments (muhūrts) of the year. Click here to read more.

1. Vijayadashmi (Dasera)

2. Rituals to be performed on Vijayadashmi
    2.1. Crossing the territory (Simollanghan)

    2.2. Worship of the Shami tree (Shamipūjān)

    2.3. Worship of the Deity Aparajita (Aparajitapūjān)
    2.4. Worship of instruments (Shastrapūjā)

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