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What is the implied meaning of the many Names of Shree Ganapati?

Generally it is considered that Vakratunda means one with a crooked mouth or trunk. However, this is incorrect. 'वक्रान् तुण्डयति इति वक्रतुण्ड: ।', meaning Vakratunda is one who punishes those who follow the wrong (unrighteous) path and leads them onto the righteous path. Vakratunda is one who straightens the tiryak and visphutit frequencies, that is the crooked Raja-Tama pre­dominant 360 frequencies by means of His trunk and makes them sāttvik (Sattva predomi­nant) like the 108 frequencies. Click here to read more.

1. Vakratunda

2. Ekadanta or Ekashrunga

3. Krushnapingaksha

4. Gajavaktra

5. Lambodar

6. Vikat

7. Vighnesh

8. Dhumravarna

9. Bhalachandra

10. Vināyak

11. Ganapati

12. Gajanan

13. Vratapati

14. Chintāmani 

15. Mangalamūrti 

16. Umaphal

17. Vidyāpati

18. Brāhmanspati

19. Various Names according to the regions

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