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In spite of soul being part of Blissful Brahman, why does one experience unhappiness?

Restlessness (no peace of mind): ‘अशांतस्‍य कुत: सुखम्‌ ।’ means how will a restless soul find happiness?

Unrighteousness induces unhappiness. अधर्म एव मूलं सर्व रोगाणाम्‌ ।, means the origin of an ailment, that is unhappiness lies in behaving unrighteously.

‘The God’s nature itself is one of Bliss. Therefore it is but natural that the creation which has originated from Him will be Blissful. Just as it is not possible for an ornament made from gold to appear as that of iron. In the Holy text, Shree Ganapati-Atharvashīrsha  it is said that all living beings originate from the singular Bliss, sustain on it and finally blend into that Bliss. Yet one experiences unhappiness in the creation. The cause of experiencing this unhappiness is termed by philosophers as an illusion, ignorance, the Great Illusion (Māyā) etc. all of which are synonymous.

No one feels that ‘he should be unhappy’. Everyone ‘desires happiness’. This feeling is generated as one’s basic nature is that of happiness. If our basic nature was unhappiness then would one not have felt that ‘one should be unhappy’? When one’s basic nature is of happiness having a desire to be happy itself is ignorance. This itself is the beginning of unhappiness. When the desire to be happy ends, that is where happiness lies. When this state is achieved then one has no reason left to be unhappy. This is the state of Saints. Righteousness (Dharma) is meant for us to be released from the ignorance of happiness and unhappiness. - H.H. Kane Maharaj,

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