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Presence of God

Once there was a little girl named Kate, who lived on a farm with her father. She took a lot of interest in the teachings and stories about God. She learnt from them that one should do everything to please God, who watches over us and blesses us.

One particular year, her father's farm did not yield a good crop, like their neighbouring farms did. So her father decided to sneak into the neighbouring fields and steal some wheat. He thought, "If I take a little wheat from each field no one will notice it, but it will add up to a nice pile of wheat for us." That night, he took Kate with him to stand guard, as he stole the wheat. "Kate," he whispered, "you must stay on guard and call out if anyone sees us, so that we can get away quickly."

The man stole into the first field to begin reaping and soon enough, Kate called out, "Father, someone sees you!" He looked around and although he saw no one, as a precaution he decided to move on to the next field. Each time he started reaping, his daughter would say, "Father someone sees you!"

The man could not steal anything and angrily asked his daughter, "Why do you keep saying someone sees me? I have looked everywhere and I don't see anyone."
"Father, God is everywhere and he watches us all the time," replied Kate.

Moral: Like Kate, we too come across situations where we are tempted to support wrong acts. However, like her, we should build the faith that God is always there for us and avoid falling for such temptations. 

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