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A room full of mirrors

Once a person entered a room full of mirrors. In every mirror he looked, he saw his own reflection. He was quite amused and used the mirrors to check his appearance.

Later, a dog entered the room. Thanks to the mirrors, he saw many “dogs.” He thought that the other dogs had surrounded him to fight with him. So, he attacked the other “dogs,” before they would get a chance to do so.

He rushed at the mirrors so hard that the mirrors broke into pieces. Now he saw that even more “dogs” surrounding him. As the number of reflections increased due to the broken mirrors, the dog got frightened and violently fought with the other “dogs”, all the while actually fighting with himself.

When finally he saw a way to leave the room, he left quickly, thinking that he had escaped from all his enemies.

Moral: Out of sheer ignorance, the dog thought his reflection to be another dog. We too, out of spiritual ignorance about our true, Divine identity or the soul, think that we are the physical body. Regular spiritual practice is the only way to experience our true self.

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