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Lakshman's love for Shriram

Lakshman was Shrīrām's brother. Tales of their Divine, brotherly love are told even today. For example, when Shriram was exiled for 14 years, Lakshman followed Him to the forest instead of staying back at the palace and enjoying life. He would never eat anything special unless Shriram was there to share it with him. When they were in the forest, it was Lakshman who built the wooden hut for Shriram and His wife Deity Sītā. Lakshman loved, respected and obeyed Shriram completely. He cared for Shriram's honour more than he cared for his own life and was faithful unto death to Shriram. An incident which is the greatest example of this quality is given below.

After Their return from exile, one day, Shriram needed to have a discussion with the Deity Who keeps Time, kālpurush. Shriram told Lakshman to stand guard outside the meeting room and to let no one disturb them. He added that if anyone should try to come in, they would be put to death.

While Shriram and Kalpurush were having their talk, Sage Durvasa came to the palace to see Shriram. Lakshman told Him that the king was in a meeting and was not to be disturbed. The Sage became very angry and told Lakshman that He would curse him and his brothers, if Shriram were not informed about His visit, right away.

Lakshman thought to himself, "It is better that I die than letting my brothers die." He therefore went into the room and told Shriram that Sage Durvasa was there to see Him. Shriram was in great grief. He knew that His word to Kalpurush had to be kept so He sadly condemned Lakshman. Lakshman then went to the riverside and gave up his life, while praying. He was grateful that he could serve Shriram and obey Him until his last breath.

Moral: This story shows us how deep brotherly love between Shriram and Lakshman was.  They could sacrifice everything for each other. We, too, can experience such great love by praying to God to make us loving towards our siblings, parents and friends. We can also pray for Him to teach us how to sacrifice for others rather than fighting with them, by sharing what we have and to chant as much as possible through out the day.

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