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The power of God's Name

Once in a temple, a Brāhmin was teaching spiritual matters to his students. At that time the king of the country arrived. The Brahmin, engrossed in his teaching, was unaware of the king's arrival. The king became angry and berated the Brahmin for not noticing him. The Brahmin explained that as he was deeply involved with teaching, he was unaware of the king's arrival. The king then asked what the Brahmin was teaching so earnestly that he was not aware of the king's presence.   
The Brahmin replied, "I was teaching the children things which will purify their characters. There is no use if this is not taught with full attention and sincerity."   
The king mockingly asked, "Can mere words change the character of a person?"
The Brahmin replied, "Certainly! Change will happen."
The king retorted, "It will not change just like that."  
At that moment one of the Brahmin's students, a small boy, told the king to get out. As soon as the king heard this, he was enraged and roared, "How dare you say that! I will kill you, your Guru and destroy this Ashram as well!" Thus said, the king caught hold of the Brahmin by the neck.   
Then the Brahmin told the king, "Please forgive me. You just now said that mere words could not change the character of a person. Yet, when a small boy said a few words to you, you changed so much from your normal character. You were even ready to kill me and destroy everything."

Moral: Children, through words character can be changed. If ordinary words can have so much impact, then one can imagine how much effect the power of the God's name would have on one's life. Thus we can make constant efforts to chant The God's name.

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