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Story of Saint Meerabai

Saint Meerabai


Saint Meera was the daughter of King Ratansingh of Udaypur, India. Her parents died when she was very young. So, she grew up under the care of her grandfather, who was a great devotee of Shrīkrushna, an incarnation of Shrīvishnnu. One day, a Saint gave young Meera a statue of Shrikrushna. Thereafter, Meera spent most of her time playing with the idol and eventually, developed tremendous devotion for Shrikrushna.

When Meera grew older, she was married to Prince Bhoj of Mewad, India. Unfortunately, she became a widow soon after the marriage. After the death of her husband, Meera spent most of her time singing hymns and devotional songs praising Shrikrushna. She would chant His Name day and night. Sadly, her intense devotion for Shrikrushna upset her in-laws. So one day, they placed a snake among the flowers she used for her daily worship offering. During the worship, Meera was so lost in her devotion to Shrikrushna that she failed to notice the poisonous snake. But, when Meera put her hand in the flower basket the snake instantly turned into a garland! Thus, Shrikrushna protected His devotee. The miracle perplexed Meera's in-laws but did not stop them from continuing in their efforts to upset her devotion.

Soon afterwards, Meera's in-laws gave her a glass of milk containing poison. This time, however, Meera knew about their plan and prayed to Shrikrushna, "O Shrikrushna, I do not fear death, but I am unhappy because I would not be able to serve you any more." So saying, she drank the poisoned milk. However, while drinking it Meera felt as if she was drinking Amrut (the Divine Nectar of Life)! As a result of her intense devotion unto Shrikrushna, the poison did not affect her at all! Seeing Meera alive after this incident, her in-laws realised what a great devotee she was and never harassed her again.

Moral of the story: When we have intense devotion towards God and when we remember God and chant His name all the time, God protects us from any difficulties.

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