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The good and the bad in Navratri

Durgadevi slaying asur

Festivals bestow bliss!

A religious festival is a collective religious rites performance of people. People celebrating such festivals and participating in the rites experience joy and bliss.

Festivals help to imbibe Divine qualities!

Every action in relation to God is an attempt to increase the 'Sattva' component in ourselves. A 'Sattva' predominant person tries to make others happy even if it is at the cost of his own happiness. Giving happiness to others does not reduce one's own happiness. A 'Raja' predominant person strives only for his own happiness or contentment; whereas a 'Tama' predominant person aims to gain happiness at the cost of others' happiness. If religious festivals are celebrated only with a purpose of increasing 'Sattva' component, it helps to obtain spiritual benefits and also to imbibe Divine qualities.

Festivals help combat 'Tama' frequencies

Most of the Hindu religious festivals are celebrated in the 'Chaturmas', i.e. four months from 'Shrāvan' to 'rtik' as per the Hindu Calendar..During these four months 'Tama' predominant 'Yama' frequencies come to Earth. To combat these frequencies, it is essential for humans to increase their Sattva component .

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