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The Worrying Couple

A man and his wife once set out to visit a friend whose house was a few miles away. On the way, they remembered that they would have to cross a bridge, which was very old and considered unsafe. This made them feel anxious.
“How shall we cross that bridge?” the woman asked her husband. “I shall never dare to step on it, and there is no boat that can take us across the river.”
“How right you are,” agreed the man “It is unsafe to cross it. What if it should give way while we are on it? We shall be drowned!”
“Or suppose,” continued the wife, “you step on a rotten plank and break your leg. Who would take care of me and the children?”
“I don’t know,” added the man for his part. “What would become of us, if I broke a leg? Perhaps, we would all starve to death.”
And so it went on. Both of them kept on worrying, imagining all sorts of misfortunes happening to them, until they actually reached the bridge. To their pleasant surprise they found that a new bridge had been built. Feeling relieved, they safely crossed over.

Moral: This story about the worrying couple teaches us that one should not come to a conclusion on any matter without knowing all the facts about it. Unnecessary worrying does not influence the result of a situation in any way; it only reduces one’s energy. Hence, besides making decisions based on facts, one should repeat the God’s Name daily to overcome the defect of worrying.

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