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How are Deities associated with various organs in Human body?

Every bodily action requires energy. Every energy has a specific name, for instance the energy which induces sneezing is called Deity Chakpadi. To understand the association between organs and Deities first chant the word ‘Ark’ for one minute and note in which sense organs namely, the ears, skin, eyes, tongue and nose some sensation is felt. Only then read the following paragraph.

Thirty-one seekers attended a workshop on Spirituality. None of them knew the meaning of the word Ark. After chanting the word ‘Ark’ they experienced sensations in various sense organs as follows : 19 seekers - in the eyes, 4 - in the ears, 4 - in the tongue, 3 - in the nose and 1 - on the skin. From this, one can deduce that there exists some relationship between the word ‘Ark ’ and the eyes. Ark is one of the Names of the Sun Deity (Sūrya). The Sun Deity and the eyes both being associated with the absolute fire (Tēj) element, after chanting Ark, a majority of seekers felt the sensation in the eyes.

The following table illustrates the relationship of various organs with Deities and also how the Name of a particular Deity should be chanted to improve the function of a particular organ. The point to be noted here is that specific chanting will be beneficial only if the function of an organ is impaired due to a spiritual factor, that is a reduction of vital energy (Prāna-shakti) and not if the cause is physical or psychological.

Organ Mantra of the Deity
‘A. Sense Organs
   1. Ears Om Dikdēvatabhyo         (ॐ दिक्‌देवताभ्‍यो नम: ।)
   2. Skin Om Samirnaya Namaha    (ॐ समीरणाय नम: ।)
   3. Eyes Om Arkaya Namaha         (ॐ अर्काय नम: ।)
   4. Tongue Om Varunaya Namaha      (ॐ वरुणाय नम: ।)
   5. Nose Om Ashvinikumarabhyam (ॐ अश्विनीकुमाराभ्‍यां नम: ।)
B. Motor Organs
   1. Organs of
Om Agnayē Namaha         (ॐ अग्नये नम: ।)
   2. Hands Om Indraya Namaha         (ॐ इंद्राय नम: ।)
   3. Legs

Om Upendraya Namaha,   (ॐ उपेंद्राय नम: ।,
Om Vishnavē Namaha        ॐ विष्‍णवे नम: ।)

   4. Anus Om Yamaya Namaha        (ॐ यमाय नम: ।)
   5. Sex organs

Om Prajāpatayē Namaha, (ॐ प्रजापतये नम: ।
Om Brahmādēvaya           ॐ ब्रह्मदेवाय नम: ।)

C. Antahakaraṇ
   1. Conscious
Om Chandraya Namaha    (ॐ चंद्राय नम: ।)
   2. Subconscious
Om Achyutaya Namaha     (ॐ अच्‍युताय नम: ।)
   3. Intellect Om Chaturmukhaya          (ॐ चतुर्मुखाय नम: ।)
   4. Ego Om Shankaraya Namaha    (ॐ शंकराय नम: ।)’(4)


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