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Why is a particular Holy sacrament offered to a Deity?

‘A class of those who have Divine bodies. The definition given by Yaska is as follows:

देव: दानात्‌ वा दीपनात्‌ वा द्योतनात्‌ वा ।
द्युस्‍थानो भवति इति वा । यो देव: सा देवता । - निरुक्‍त ७:१५

Meaning: The word dēv (देव) is derived from da (दा), dip (दीप्‌) or dyut (द्युत्‌) which mean to give an offering, to shine or to enlighten respectively. Since they reside in the dyu region (dyulok), they are called dev (Deities). - Nirukta 7:15

Bodies of Deities are composed of the fire element hence they are able to partake of the offering of food (naivēdya after converting it into an aerial form. As against this, since bodies of ghosts are aerial in nature they are unable to convert food into the aerial form and thus remain hungry. Consequently their desires remain unfulfilled.

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